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Donate to save lives

Let The Ladies Go is a Non-Profit Charity, meaning all of your donations go directly back to the Chickens. This money will be used to fund more rescues, to save more lives, as well as feeding and providing the girls with the care and medical attention they need. This money will also go towards building better facilities for the ladies to ensure they survive the holding periods. 


Your donations WILL Save lives!

If you can not donate money, there are many other ways to donate to our cause. Food donations, Towels/Blankets, Chicken Sweaters, Cleaning products and even just volunteering will also save these innocent lives. A little, goes a long way, any effort is better than none to give these girls a second chance at life, to experience the life they deserve :)

Bank Details: 

Account Name: Let The Ladies Go pty ltd.

BSB: 082936

Account Number: 529338642

If you do one thing today, Give the gift of life.

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