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Volunteering is just a call away!


We are a family run charity with 1-3 people caring for thousands of chickens as well as our sick pens. Volunteers are always greatly appreciated! We have a range of jobs/duties available involving, feeding, egg smashing, cleaning, physical work such as building and lifting chicken facilities and manning the sick pens.

If you are an animal lover, come and spend the day helping out around the sick pens, feeding, administering medicine and first aid, helping with rehabilitation processes, as well as cuddling and caring for these gorgeous girls. We also have a range of other rescue animals who may give you a little visit and spend some quality time with you!

Being a mother is tiring, trying to amuse your kids can be a rough job! Bring your kids to smash some eggs for us, its like an Easter hunt! We have many children and their parents come to smash eggs for the girls and they love it and come back to help again and again! Eggs provide the girls with the nutrition, protein and vitamins lost through continual egg laying, helping them make speedy recoveries and preventing hunger between feeds.

Wether you have a day or a few hours to spare, any form of volunteering makes such a big difference and is greatly appreciated! 


Call 0415258915 to volunteer or send us an email with your preferred day!

Thankyou! Please allow a few hours response time :)

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